Cooking Fever Cheats – Get Unlimited Gems now for free

Cooking Fever Hack & Cheats Online

Welcome to our latest online tool its called Cooking Fever Cheats. This tool makes you able to let you build your dream kitchen in no time as it generates you loads of gems completely free and in no time. You will never have to spend money on Cooking Fever because now you can have them for free. There wont be any disappointed guest leaving your restaurant cause he didnt get served and you will complete every level in no time. You can now also buy all outfits with the generated gems and see which one you like best.

Our cheats tool is there to help you out when you cant make any progress in the game cause its a little too hard aswell as a bit unfair and wants u to buy gems for real money. Thats why its not unfair or unethical in our eyes to use such a tool. They do that cause thats how they make money make the game hard that the user needs gems to continue. But not every player of Cooking Fever might have the money to afford them thats for who we have made the Cooking Fever Cheats. That players who cannot afford the gems can continue playing the game aswell.

Features of our Cooking Fever Cheats

  • Unlimited Gems - You will never have to buy them. You can just use our Cooking Fever Cheats and generate them yourself.
  • Anti-Ban Script - A special script programmed by us to prevent your Account from being banned. More informations below.
  • user friendly interface - We designed the tool to be as easy to use as possible. Nevertheless you will find further instructions on how to use it below.
  • Android & iOS support - As the tool is working from your browser it can be used from any phone aswell as your PC.

How to use Cooking Fever Cheats & Hack

As stated before the tool is really easy to understand as the Graphical interface is very well designed but I decided to give you a instruction on how to use the Cooking Fever Hack properly. 

1. Press the "Online Hack" button above to get to the Cooking Fever Cheats tool.
2. Choose your platform & Enter your Cooking Fever Username and press "Connect".
3. Select the amount of Gems.
4. Click "Generate" and wait for the generator to finish.

If everything goes well you will have the Gems after 5 minutes and you can enjoy the game.

Now lets talk a bit more about the security we have implemented into the Cooking Fever Cheats tool. It's the most important feature of it cause the hack would be useless if the accounts would get banned. So we programmed a powerful script that encrypts all sent data with 256-bit aswell as it hides your generated Gems behind a in-app purchase of the worth of the Amount you generated what makes it impossible for the support to find out. Since our tool was released there never happened a single ban to a user of our Cooking Fever Hack. Trust us our security measures are the best in this branche and you will be totally safe with our tool and can enjoy all the free gems without any problems.

About Cooking Fever and Cooking Fever Cheats

Cooking fever is made by Nordcurrent the leader on the cooking games market. The game is about serving food to your guests as fast as you can. At the beginning your Menu consits of Burger and Soda which is pretty easy. Once your restaurant is getting bigger and you get more guests the menu also gets bigger and you offer more complicated courts the game gets pretty hard. Thats where our Cooking Fever Hack comes in and makes the game easier.

If you're wanting to expand your kitchen you need much money and to earn that you have to serve as much customers as fast as possible to get tips from them and be able to upgrade faster. The upgrade unlocks new meals for example on Level 2 youre able to serve pizza and two soda bottles instead of one.

The comics graphic of the game is pretty cool in my eyes aswell as the background music. The game makes fun over long time aswell as youre able to unlock new things from time to time and so its a good pastime.